Sunday, 22 September 2013

Autumn Fuzziness

Possibly the best season of them all. Maybe it's because my birthday is the 3rd of October and THAT MEANS HALLOWEEN IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. That's why there's some autumnal fuzziness happening all up in my grill. Now the point of this post was to check in to reassure you I haven't died from AS Level work already, but I want to say that my new school is pretty much the bomb, I haven't had time to be cultured and totally artistic, hence the lack of posting on here, however I thought I would just post a few of the latest inspirations and purchases. But, as I am doing Photography A-Level, I might try to post some of my work on here, if I can. Either way, I am have already been thinking about my latest video project, so maybe that will be coming soon too...

Poison Ivy was one of those 90s film where you think you want to be them but then you also cringe every 6 seconds by something they say or wear.

Let's be real, if Drew Barrymore is in it them I am so down.

Can we just. Sky you are an idol, with or without the heroin and ecstasy xoxo


Even better the second time seeing it


e x

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