Saturday, 29 June 2013

"What did Lindsay say?"

Whilst in Brooklyn yesterday, I went to the Nitehawk cinema to see The Bling Ring, the much anticipated Sofia Coppola film. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint one bit. The music was sensational as ever, which is a definite detail Coppola always pays attention to, and it was perfectly matched to each scene throughout the film. What I noticed was that the more annoying actors and the slightly aggravating attempt at an American accent from Watson added to the characters greatly, as it made you more frustrated at these 'super rich kids with nothing but fake friends' (I'm lookin' at you Frankie). The acting, wardrobe and pace were phenomenal, and I would definitely recommend that everyone should see it. My own Father seemed to enjoy it more than I did, so you know it's ace.

Before I go, there is a monumentally awesome thing happening today, which I will share with you tomorrow. Ermahgerd. It's going to be real good...

e x

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