Thursday, 17 January 2013

Post-Mock Shopping

CUE THE BELLS FROM THE HEAVENS UP ABOVE, MOCKS ARE OVER!!!!! As I didn't have to go to school today, Mother and I had a shopping day and went to see a couple of exhibitions. It was marvy, as I got some killer things. HEY, I deserved them, so it's all good in the hood.

From American Apparel...

From Urban Outfitters...

My hip flask is totes OF omgeez!!!!1

From Opening Ceremony...

After the glorious shopping trip, we went to Somerset House to see the Valentino exhibition, and it was pretty fab. Basically, my Mother and I spent a couple hours judging all of the dresses on show, and let me just say, it was NOT all chic. But of course, it's Valentino, so we must forgive and forget.

After that, we took advantage of the time and went to another show that was on at Somerset House, showing some of Tim Walker's work. It was truly magical and I think he is now one of my favourite photographers. The way he uses fairy tales and crazy props is very inspiring and it was awesome seeing a big collection of his work, seeing as I never really took time to appreciate it before. Thumbs up.

Mother and I recommend both of the exhibitions, so hurry and get yo a$$ cultured.

Sorry about not posting for ages, but I hope now the mock days are over you will be hearing
more from me........ 

P.S If you haven't listened to the new Destiny's Child song then DO IT NOW.

e x


  1. I swear your blog is like my guilty pleasure, so yo hear mocks are over!


  2. I love your blog so I nominated you for the liebster blog award! :) Post is here: