Thursday, 17 November 2011

"I can not live without my soul"

Last night I went to see the film adaptation of the classic novel by Emily Bronte, 'Wuthering Heights', starring Kaya Scodelario and new comer James Howson. As I have not read the book, I am certain I did not get the full idea, but nevertheless, I thought it was good. Not 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' standards, but that's another story. There was a lack of dialogue, but the cinematography was phenomenal. The film was almost silent, only playing sounds from the windy moors, and with only one song that is at the end by Mumford and Sons. This was very effective and portrayed the scene perfectly. It was filmed beautifully, and I felt that it really created the feelings and emotions of the characters and how they lived at that time and place. The raw emotion was evident in the acting and because of this, paired with the cinematography, I enjoyed it. Yes, it was 2 hours, which I admit made me fed up when there was hardly any audio and the film made it seem that nothing much really happens. Because I have seen the film and not exactly loved it, I am putting it on my 'To read' list so I can hopefully appreciate the classic love story to its full potential.

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