Monday, 17 October 2011

Freize Art Fair 2011

Finally, it is half term, and this year we get 2 weeks free from prison (ie school)! My holiday started well with a birthday party and a trip to the Freize Art Fair on Saturday. My favourites were the Chapman Brother's (obvs) and Penny Slinger, who you should check out. Yes, if you google her it does come up with some of the 'tantric' information about her, but I chose to ignore that, and focus on her cool doll's houses, which I recommend you do aswell. We saw our friend Lucy, who happened to be in this month's edition of Vogue USA (!!!) and we decided that we are going to New York on Friday for a long weekend! As you know, I am in love with New York and I am for suresies moving there when I am 18, so I couldn't be more excited. Here are some photos I took at Freize...

Yes, that is a rabbit in a jar...

The next time I post I will be in the Big Apple! Woohoo!

e x

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  1. Hey hun,
    pop by my blog and mail me maybe we could do a feature on you :)