Monday, 5 September 2011

Goodbye, Summer 2011

Alas, my spectacular 2 months full of unfulfilled wishes (ie "Wow, I wish I went out and did spontaneous fun things and didn't 'waste' my whole day watching Glee re-runs" but that is politically incorrect as any time spent watching Glee is not 'wasted') and freedom (being able to watch Glee re-runs all day) are over. But really, this summer has been immense. My 2 weeks in America were killer, as always, I discovered Lookbook and I am going to keep that up when I can (Ooh, look at me sporting my ravishing faeces coloured shapeless school jumper and my arousing orthopedic loafers) and also, my love affair with polaroids.

The thought of next summer makes me psyched for about 4 seconds, then I realize I have about 300 days until that, so as of tomorrow my life will be packed with homework, revision, early nights (pft, sure) and early mornings. At least I get to laugh at the new year 7s. Apart from Kate Moss' daughter, natch.

e x

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  1. Hello! I was wondering if you maybe had a email address I could contact you on? Because I would love to do a interview with your feature!! :P