Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bear Necessities

My Spirithoods grizzly bear hat arrived today!!! Obviously, I immediately created a Lookbook outfit and posted about it on there, but as this is my first love of a blog/fashion website, I thought I should share on here that it came and I am in love with it!

Sorry about my small and not very stimulating posts recently, I am at school and nothing very stylish is going on and everything is pretty average and unimportant in my life. (Who am I kidding? I ooze importance and style in this white bread world)
If anyone is reading this, please do not shun my blog due to my lack of posting as I will probably show you my new leotard and leggings when they arrive and London fashion week is coming up so I may do a post on my favourite shows there. Let's not forget my birthday on the 3rd of October which will most likely come with a post on all the bits and bobs I get. So far my wish list involves various badges from Ebay, including a Glee one, some Mighty Boosh, Harold and Maude ones, Adam and the Ants, naturally, and some Smiths, Nirvana and Joy Division in the mix too. Yes, what a collection I shall parade on my school bag, but let's face it. It's pretty casual for me as I already have blue hair and a real fox tail on a keyring dangling from my school bag. Ain't no Polly Pocket life for me.

e x

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