Sunday, 10 July 2011

Vive l'été de 2011!

Bonjour mes petits amis. C'est les vacances! Okay, enough French, it's the summer holidays and I am beyond excited as I am jetting off to L.A in a few weeks, then to Santa Cruz. The usual trip; staying at my beloved Chateau Marmont, shopping 'til I am a-dropping, soaking up the sunshine and then off to have fun with family friends in SC. Until then, I am chilling in London and trying to persuade mes parents to take me to Paris for a day trip. I may or may not be dreaming about a trip to Disneyland too... Hopefully I will report back with news on my victorious persuasion techniques, but for now, here are a couple photos of me in my new A.P.C top I bought the yesterday.

Going shopping tomorrow, so hopefully I will be showing you more pictures of the newest additions to my closet! Vive l'été!

e x

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