Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Future Looks Bright...

Hay hay hay, quick post (is this becoming a habit?) to give you a brief summary of what is coming up in my life, although I doubt anyone really cares. But, this is my life, and I will blog if I want to!

1. Half term - 2 weeks of school left. Some serious persevering skills are going to come in handy soon!

2. London Fashion Week - starts in half term! Duffy, who I have mentioned multiple times on here, is doing some big shows and has gotten my mother and me backstage passes to Matthew Williamson, maybe PPQ, and more (!!!!!!!!!). Even more excited about half term, must plan outfits pronto!

3. Easter holidays - still have a while to go, but it has been pretty much confirmed that the fam and I are on another trip to NYC, baby! Like last time, a few days in Manhattan and a few days at the cabin in the Catskills. Life will be how it should be, yet again! I probably haven't mentioned this on the ole' blog, but I would give my left hand to live in America. Preferably New York, L.A or Santa Cruz, but any would be a dream come true. Lusm, U.S.A.(Another thing I haven't mentioned is my plans to go to Parsons University in New York. Then, I plan to be a fashion journalist/photographer/work at a fashion+photography/art magazine. Yes, I am 14 and I have planned my life already. Gotta start 'em young!)

Thanks for stopping by!

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