Thursday, 16 June 2011

Memories of Innocence

Last night my parents and I went to one of the Duffy brother's (there are 3, all names beginning with J, look the same, keep up!) Jewellery show in East London. The collection was titled 'Memories of Innocence' and was immensely beautiful. The pieces were dark, sleek and sharp... literally. My favourites were a swan ring, a rat necklace and my ring. Yes, I already called dibs on it! Despite requesting to purchase everything my Father said he may get me the aforementioned ring.


I know you are drooling right now.
Here was my reaction -

My precious *deactivate Gollum voice*

Duffy is easily my favourite Jewellery designer as I am into the gothic style but the detail and care that he puts into every single ring, necklace and bracelet is phenomenal and another reason to love it more and if it were up to me I would own every single piece! It was an awesome night, checking out the bling (I'm ghetto now, deal with it) and seeing the whole Duffy clan was great as they are the best family, like, EVER. Plus, I met Erin O'Connor, who was actually hosting the evening, and she was awesome, and as we share the best name ever she insisted we had a photo taken together. After much needed persuading (HA, right) I agreed. I'll put it on a post (and possibly my bedroom wall) soon, don't worry. All in all, it was bomb diggity (see, G4L *cough* Gangsta for life *cough*).

e x

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