Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Global Warming, Shmobal Shwarming...?

Haaaayyyy. Basically, I have not got loads to ramble on about so here is my attempt:

- It is too cold for words, hence the title of this post. My best friend is the radiator. I spent my German lesson hugging one.

Hello, lover.

- I recently watched a film called 'Mary & Max' which I am in love with!!! It is incredible! It's claymation and proper tear jerker too. That, my friends, is a good combo in my book. Read a full review on my brother's blog (Ooh, the Walsh family are stepping up their game, yo).

- This Saturday I am attending a fancy dress party for my buddy's birthday and I am being a cheerleader with my pal Ruby. I ordered them from an American website, so they are obvs the shiznit. Word.

Once I put it on I never want to take it off.

We are currently learning this. No, of course I did not already know it off by heart. Cough.

Come on, who doesn't want to be a cheerleader?!

- I saw a preview of the Lanvin for H&M stuff and am thrilled. Lanvin but cheaper? SIGN ME UP. It better not sell out like the Comme for H&M or I might just have to buy the incredible expensive stuff. Hmm. Life is hard.

- Christmas is more than a month away and I am practically already peeing myself with excitement. Ice-skating. Wooly jumpers, scarves and hats. Old crimbo films... PRESENTS!!!!!!

- I just ran out of things to say. Here's an attractive photo to satisfy you and distract you from my lack of creativeness at this moment in time.

Bonsoir, mes cheries!

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