Friday, 8 October 2010

Brittany S. Pierce

I have been ill for the past week which means my days are spent watching catch up television and old chick flicks. Glee was obviously a main part of this, hence the title of this post. It gets better every episode, I swear! And the 'Grilled Cheesus;? Love it.

Now for the people who don't understand what I am talking about right now and are not Gleeks (whoever you are, you are missing out BIG TIME!) and onto something that made me very unhappy. Teen Vogue. I used to be so obsessed as it used to be incredible and fun with some great stories and photo shoots but now it's a bit... meh. Much to my disappointment, the devil child is on the front cover. That devil child is called 'Justin Beiber'. Oof, I despise even typing his name. Yeah, most girl my age have this sad and questionable obsession with him but I am far from that, my friends. I know I am not the only person in my age group who does not enjoy his high pitched 'singing' and annoying dance moves but I feel a certain dislike for him, stronger that other people's dislikes. That hardly makes sense but I just needed to get those emotions out. Eurgh, I despise him. Please check him out on the cover as I am not going to be putting a photo of him on my blog. I am not being a drama queen, but he does not belong on this particular blog. Sorry fans, but if you want some Beiber Fever blog I am sure there are plenty out there. Ooph, that feels better.

The good days. How I miss thee!

On another note, here are some shoes that my Mother purchased recently and I will inherit when my feet grow, which better be soon! They are Christian Louboutin.

Je t'aime, Christian Louboutin.

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