Thursday, 18 April 2013

California 2013

Oh gosh there is a whole lot to say about the holiday but I think I will have to let my photos do most of the talking as I should probably do some sort of revision for my GCSEs that I should probably care about but currently all I can do is reminisce about Coachella and look forward to the month I will be spending in New York this summer. So, here are the photographs, starting from my time in Santa Cruz, visiting Alcatraz in SF, then my time in L.A and finally, COACHELLA 2013 ☼ ☮ ❤

Ha ha what fun we had eh mum!

Being that annoying tourist with a Kodak >

So I'm not sure what I was implying in this photo. Luv u mum.

Needless to say, I saw Spring Breakers, and I absolutely LOVED it. So the balaclava from Opening Ceremony was a necessity, obvo.

This is a family friend, Zack, who is the rapper in a group my brother is in. Check out some of their music here, it's tiiiight.

The Chateau is essentially the ghetto when we roll up. 

Wu-Tang Clan were off the chain. 
(These guys are a couple of family friends who came to Coachella last year, so it's p much an annual thing. Laurence, the kid in the blue hoodie, is 10 years old knew Action Bronson lyrics and he is cooler than me.

✵ Grimes, the fallen angel ✵


Action Bronson was hands down one of the top three acts I saw. He is now my fave and I am listening to his album non stop, so if y'all don't know him GO LISTEN NOW.

Cheeky snaps of my attempt at being a Coachella hipster i.e some sort of animal print, weed memorabilia, chunky jewellery, platform trainers and glitter. A lot of glitter.

The Stone Roses was awkwardly quiet in terms of the number of people in the audience (it was pretty much just me and my parents jigging and singing along like O.A.P's) but they were killer.

Awesome friends at Coachella. Chris in the hat works with Lina at Sephora, and Dan with the gnarly hair is an up and coming hair colourist who is incredible and what he does and he knows Grimes and Brooke Candy, ergo he's epic.

The favourites at Coachella this year were Grimes, Blur, Earl Sweatshirt, New Order, Action Bronson, Danny Brown, 2 Chainz, The Stone Roses, Hot Chip and Wu-Tang. It was quite a different vibe to last year, and admittedly the acts weren't as good because there was not Snoop, Frank O, Weeknd or A$AP, but hey, it was still super fun and actually feeling the sun on my skin made me feel like I had been hibernating for 10 years being in London these past months. 

Hope you can forgive me for the lack of posts as life is pretty busy at the mo, and I doubt I will be blogging any time in the near future, but I will make up for it this summer, I PINKY PROMISE.

e x