Sunday, 25 March 2012

Countdown to Easter

Only 1 school week left until the Easter holidays! That means that teachers try to cram in as many tests and other horrible things in as they can before we are free = bad times. However, Tuesday will be spent wandering around East London for an Art trip, so technically there is only 4 days left! That means there is 25,920 minutes [18 days] until COACHELLA! Yes, I still spasm every time I think about those 3 glorious days I will spend in the Californian desert, don't be hatin'.

On another note, it has been forevs since I have posted so I thought I would mention what I have been up to. Duffy has been in London for the past couple of weeks, so it has been awesome hanging out, just like old times. Last weekend he took me to Little Duffy [Joe]'s new studio where he makes his jewelry that I have raved about several times on the ole' bloggy. It really sparked my imagination and I am so inspired whenever I see his work and how much time and care goes into each exquisite piece. Another thing that made me do a happy dance was when Joe agreed to me hanging out there for my upcoming work experience! No banking/accountant/office work for me, I will take the hipster East London jewelry studio and a day making tea and chilling, thank you very much!

Apart from my Coachella playlist, I have been jamming to the new Odd Future album 'The Of Tape Vol. 2'. Check it.

Some totally irrelevant tumblr pictures that I thought were fly.

To all who were deprived of these 90's cartoons - Enrich yourselves, my children, and immerse yourselves into the culture pool of 'Hey Arnold', 'Doug' and 'Ed,Edd n Eddy'.

Whoever did this ↑ - Kudos. Kudos to you.

Before I go, here are a couple of polaroids I thought I would share.


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