Monday, 20 February 2012

Mary Katrantzou and Bart Simpson

Every fashion magazine has been hyping about the latest collection for Topshop by designer Mary Katrantzou, and frankly I have been aswell. Despite not being able to pronounce the name, I can pronounce the words 'major', 'chiiic' and 'hashtag totes amaze' (watch this, it explains everything and is literally perfection). Back to the collection. Yes, it is floral for spring, which is indeed 'groundbreaking' according to the phenomenally sarcastic voice of Miranda Priestly, but it was fab all the same.

Miranda approves.

My Mother was on top of the game and bought me a dress, as well as some trousers for herself. Yes, the dress is actually a medium (massive on me) but we are getting it altered and I can't wait to wear it, and yes, I will be posting pictures when it fits!

Before I go, can I ask if it is wrong to be desperate for these Jeremy Scott Fall 2012 Bart Simpson jumpers? Because if it is, then I want to be wrong.

e x

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