Monday, 19 April 2010

Party in the U.S.A

OH MY GOSH this post is super late. Sorry! Well, as we all know there has been a giant eruption in Iceland with that volcano which means I am stranded in America. Wahay! Whilst my friends are at school I am chilling in California, score! I will do a fat post on my whole America trip when I return to London but for now I have to show you guys pictures from... The Specials concert!
This particular one was at The Royal Albert Hall, very fancy, and it was a charity event for Teenage Cancer Trust. Check it out, yeah? It was the most lively concert I have ever been to. EVERYONE was dancing, even my parents. Yeah. Ouch. Ruby and I were throwing ourselves around like lunatics but after a while we had to sit down and watch the oversized men 'dancing'. It was VERY entertaining. Overall the whole night was a success. Here are some photos!


Me and Ruby in our Specials t-shirts

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