Tuesday, 28 July 2009


The F.U.N Issue
 Glasses Oliver Peoples, Spongebob t-shirt Bape, Jeans Sable & Clutch {From my favourite store, Dover Street Market}, Vans Revolver Surf Shop.

 Here is this summer's edition of i-D, and mon frere seems to have the total Geek look down to a tee. {Without really trying} Finn, my older brother, kindly {NOT} modelled wearing my Oliver Peoples specs, with my permission and direction, of course. Okay, so Geek Chic is nothing new, but I think we would all agree there is a certain charm, and it's just a whole lotta fun dressing up like a geek. Especially when going to school, when I have customized my ever so dull 'brown' school uniform. For example, on my last week of term, can you believe I was actually asked to untuck my shirt by the deputy head? Oh, how I laughed. It seems my knee socks, penny loafers, geek glasses and my tucked shirt are the new punk, i guess. 
  By the way, this edition of i-D is worth getting if you love Spongebob and Lily Allen, like me :)
So as geeks go, they dont get more squarer or nerdyer than Spongebob.